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Lisa Spiwak named one of the 25 most influential women in collections by the collection industry for 2016

The industry standard Collection Advisor has named Lisa Spiwak among their 25 most influential women in collections! (Collection Advisor, September/October 2016 issue). Congratulations to Lisa on this prestiguous award! Click the link above to view the Collection Advisor magazine award to Lisa. As Lisa states in the magazine: "For 30 years I have gotten to be a hero to my clients with unpaid receivables and defaulted loans which are seriously ...
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Landlords learn to repurpose their malls

This is a season of discontent for retailers. There doesn’t seem to be a week that goes by without a national chain closing stores or filing for bankruptcy protection. Most recently, we lost Sport Chalet. Before that, it was Sports Authority, Sears, Fresh & Easy, Office Depot, Radio Shack, Staples, Abercrombie & Fitch, Barnes & Noble and JC Penny. Shopping malls have steadily been in decline since consumers discovered online ...
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Life Just Got a Whole Lot Richer For ‘Unlicensed’ Brokers in California

Reprinted from NEFA Newsline (Mar/Apr 2016), p. 43-44 Attorney Lisa Spiwak notes that the signing into law of Senate Bill 197 in California will, in essence, open up volumes of new business for non-licensed brokers and small businesses searching for viable lending alternatives to the big banks. On October 10, 2015 Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Senate Bill 197which now allows California State Lenders to pay referral fees to individuals ...
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Future of privacy at stake in Apple v. FBI

A highly contentious legal battle is brewing between Apple and the FBI. The FBI has been trying to hack into the encrypted iPhone belonging to Syed Farook, one of the San Bernardino shooters in the Dec. 2 attack that killed 14 people. The Apple iPhone, which was actually issued by the county of San Bernardino, has encryption software on it that completely wipes out any data on the phone after ...
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Low gas prices great for consumers but not necessarily for the economy

At close to $33 per barrel, crude oil has dropped more than 60 percent since June 2014 - which is great for our economy because it significantly reduces the average price of gas and heating oil. Regular gasoline now averages $2 per gallon nationally. This translates to cheaper costs to transport goods and run your household. It means that many Americans, who have not seen a recent wage increase, will ...
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Spiwak & Iezza makes “The List”

Spiwak & Iezza, LLP was ranked in the top 15 law firms of Ventura County by the Pacific Coast Business Times (November 27, 2015 edition). The edition of Pacific Coast Business Times ranked law firms in Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties - the "tri-county" area which has a population of over 1.5 million residents. The law firm of Spiwak & Iezza has provided legal services to businesses, ...
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