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Spiwak & Iezza, LLP represents debt buyers from acquisition to collection.

Our firm provides full-service representation that allows the convenience of working with one firm for all legal matters that may arise relating to the debt.

  • Representation of Debt Purchasers (Mortgage Notes/Deeds of Trust, Secured Debt, Consumer Loans, Credit Cards, Auto Deficiencies, Judgments, Performing Portfolios, Service Contracts)
  • Demand Letter Programs
  • Asset Searches
  • Foreclosure (Judicial and Non-Judicial)
  • Post-Foreclosure Evictions
  • Pre-Suit Collections
  • Collections Litigation
  • Post-Judgment Execution/Collection
  • Defense Litigation
  • Probate Recovery
  • Bankruptcy (Chapter 11, 13, 7)
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Replevins/Claim & Delivery
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Spiwak & Iezza, LLP has been representing clients who purchase bad debt portfolios for several years now and has vast experience with the unique issues that arise in these cases.  The common hurdles to overcome are “standing to sue” defenses wherein our client has the burden to prove that the debt was properly purchased and assigned to our client, and that they have the right to collect.  Also, we commonly face missing paperwork which we have substantial experience handling and overcoming.  Additionally, we are very familiar with the evidentiary issues raised by the courts in these cases.  Getting documents admitted into evidence can be tricky with purchased debt because we are asking the court to rely on records/documents that were not created by our witness but rather by the original creditor.  Although debt buyers face problems getting courts to accept their documents as evidence in a case, our numerous years of experience dealing with this issue has resulted in a very high success rate in favorably working through these problems.  Because of the unique problems that face debt buyers, our years of experience handling such matters give us a distinct advantage over other firms that do not regularly engage in this type of representation.