Our firm is all about You and Your Company.

Spiwak & Iezza, LLP has been providing legal services for businesses, creditors, and the banking, lending and leasing industries since 1992. We understand that it is all “About” the needs of our client.

For over 30 years they have brought innovation and determination to each one of their cases.  Commercial collection is an art and not a science.  It involves creativity, strategy and thinking outside of the box.  It is this innovation that sets Spiwak & Iezza apart from other firms and it is what they are all about. 

Nick & Lisa working on debt collections case in the 1990's

Nick and Lisa met shortly after law school in 1986.  Both were working in the field of commercial collection litigation and honing their craft.  One day over lunch, a discussion came up about how they were both frustrated by how much better they believed their clients could be served if they oversaw the firm.  It was at that lunch, that the genesis of Spiwak & Iezza was formed.  After months of brainstorming and planning, Nick and Lisa hung their shingle and got to work.  That was 1992.  They had pooled their savings which was enough to cover payroll and rent for six months.  At the five and one-half month mark they settled a large case which replenished their funds and allowed them to keep going.  After that, their skills allowed them to settle one matter after another and they were off to the races.

You want results at a competitive cost.

The question we always ask before undertaking any legal task is: “How will this get our client closer to their desired result?” By asking this question, we keep our focus on what is best for the client. We also ensure that the result is achieved with maximum efficiency, which translates into a lower cost for the client.

You want one place to go that can handle your legal issue no matter where it may lead.

Take a look at our Practice Areas. Whether your legal issue requires the drafting of a transactional document, or litigation in state or federal court, we have it covered. If the debtor that owes you money files for bankruptcy, we work within that arena. If you obtain a judgment, we aggressively pursue collection of that judgment. Because the legal team in our firm can handle all these various aspects of commercial collection litigation, you benefit by saving money and have advantageous continuity of your case.

You want to know your legal team and you want to feel confident that they are working aggressively to resolve your legal matter.

Please take a moment to meet the attorneys at our firm here: Attorneys. Our attorneys have numerous years of expertise that they apply to your legal matter. We are aggressive in our representation because that is how you obtain the results that you want in the shortest time frame.

You want your legal team to respond promptly to your calls and emails, to communicate regularly with you, and to explain issues in plain English so that you can be in control of your legal matters.

We believe strongly in keeping our clients informed and updated during every step of their case and in taking their calls and responding to their emails. We understand that when a client contacts us, they want and deserve a prompt response. We remain accessible to our client throughout the entire legal process.

You want descriptive billing statements, so that you know what you are paying for and why – and you don’t want any surprises.

Our billing statements are descriptive and detailed so that our clients know exactly what we have been doing to achieve the desired results on their case. We also ensure that our clients are informed, beforehand, of the cost of each action to be taken so that our client has the opportunity to make the decision on whether to incur such a cost.

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