Is It Better to Lease or Buy Office Equipment for Your Small Business?

By: Nick I. Iezza, as featured on Direct Capital’s leasing blog

Nick Iezza and other industry experts share advice on the key factors to consider…

“#1 factor small business owners should consider when leasing office equipment is…”

Consider cash flow when buying or leasing office equipment. Although the interest rate paid on the lease is usually high, the monthly payments are quite often very attractive and it requires very little money down to get the lease in place and get the equipment installed. In turn, this frees up working capital for other uses to grow the business such as marketing, etc. It also allows the small business to get more expensive equipment than it couldn’t otherwise afford and trade it in at the end of the lease for even newer and better equipment. The actual analysis is much more complicated than this, but the bottom line as a business owner is to have as much free cash available as possible on an ongoing basis.


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