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Judgment Enforcement & Collection

Spiwak & Iezza has extensive experience in enforcing and collecting on judgments.

  • Pre-suit Collection Procedures
  • Liability for Unfair Collection Practices
  • Provisional Remedies: Attachment; Claim and Delivery; Receiverships
  • Bankruptcy Considerations
  • Judgment Liens on Real Property Judgment Liens on Personal Property Writs of Execution
  • Defending against Exemptions
  • Wage Garnishment
  • Special Enforcement Procedures
  • Third-Party Claims
  • Enforcement of Non-money Judgments
  • Enforcement of Sister State and Foreign Judgments

News & Publications

Moving toward privatizing our courts

California courts have been devastated by deep budget cuts. Is privatization in our future?   Read more . . .

Love, money and the perils of debt: a Valentine's Day tale of caution

Debts, collection, and community property.   Read more . . .

How to Make Yourself a Priority to Those That Owe You Money

Legal strategies to become the priority.   Read more . . .

The 2013 Uniform Commercial Code Revised Article 9 Amendments

All creditors that file UCC Financing Statements to secure their interests in personal property need to understand the 2013 changes.   Read more . . .

One Of Our Best Tools For Finding Assets On Judgment Debtors Just Got More Expensive

In California, when a creditor obtains a judgment from the courts against a debtor, that creditor must then go through the process of locating assets that the debtor has that can be levied upon.   Read more . . .

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